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Filipino Pastries Vending introduces two more flavorful cake products – Mango Filled Cake and Buko -Pandan Topped with Coconut Cake.

Filipino Pastries Vending
Mango Filled Cake
Coconut Pandan Cake

Theses cakes are special since they were designed and its ingredients carefully planned and formulated to meet the expectations as a birthday gift to our beloved sister and sister-in-laws (whose names will not be mentioned here to observe privacy) and for the family last Thanksgiving Day.

The Mango Filled Cake was created and baked for our sister and sister-in-laws as a dessert for a birthday dinner celebration and the Coconut (Buko in Filipino) Pandan Cake was prepared just last Thanksgiving Day, 2023.

The cakes’ ingredients are now part of our baking arsenal and we’ll surely use these ingredients and formulation in our cake and pastries as we offer these to our valued patrons. Because in the House of Mammon and Polvoron Vending in DFW, Texas, we care for you!